Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 327 of 365: Happy Memorial Day/Bank Holiday Monday

A four day weekend has come and gone....but today was a lovely day.

Woke up around 8am because I knew we were going to go visit the cats today.

Spike, unfortunately, wasn't brushed out as much as he needed when he was with his last owner, so tomorrow he is heading into the vet's so he can have a shave. The mats are so close down to his skin that the animal shelter couldn't risk brushing them out because it would really hurt Spike.

So we took lots of photos, mostly blurry since the boys wouldn't stop moving around:



Should find out at lunch tomorrow how Spike survived the shaving, so will give a call to the shelter for an update.

Just want the week to fly by, so we can bring the boys home!

Alsoooooo.....going up to London on the 7th to meet Jamie's Mom, and to see Jamie, Alan, and baby Reagan!!! Good thing Ian bought us a new camera yesterday. :)


  1. My cat got shaved once and it was hilarious! He LOVED to be petted when his hair was gone. Get yourself a Furminator brush to keep the mats out of his hair. It's a little pricey, but it's totally worth it. I even use it on my shorter hair cat and it's amazing how much hair comes out.

    Yay for cats!!!

  2. Thanks for the advice, Kim! :) Where can you get the brush from?

    And yes, YAY for cats! :D

  3. Nevermind, found it! :)

    It IS pricey, but I think I can convince my husband to get it because the majority of our house is white and cream, so anything to eliminate a lot of the hair will make him happy.


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